Stonesoft Corporation, a provider of enterprise-level security and high availability software, has released its new virtual private network (VPN) client software, the StoneGate VPN Client 2.0.

The new client addresses the need for location-independent, secure connectivity, while simultaneously protecting the remote device, Stonesoft says.

The product offers a revolutionary new combination of a VPN client that supports the latest encryption and authentication methods with a location-aware active traffic filter to protect the remote device. The active traffic filter can automatically or manually configure the proper security policy for the current location, whether the computer is connected to a corporate intranet, or the public Internet.

“Enterprises have often sought comprehensive security packages,” Esa Korvenmaa, chief executive officer of Stonesoft, said in a statement “With the new StoneGate VPN client, Stonesoft takes the robust security and high availability package of its firewall and VPN solution to a new level, giving our customers an easy-to-use, remote security and connectivity solution.”

In addition to providing security, the VPN client also supports the latest wireless authentication schemes with a mobile phone, where no additional token or smart card is needed. The StoneGate package also supports certificate-based and extended authentication systems, and is RSA SecurID Ready.

Stonesoft Corporation, founded in 1990, is a worldwide software company, with international headquarters in Helsinki, Americas headquarters in Atlanta and Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore.