Data-Vision, a provider of electronic document delivery services, has joined the growing list of mortgage service providers utilizing London Bridge Group’s e-commerce network.

The BridgeLink network, part of the London Bridge Group product suite, is a Web-based bi-directional data exchange of information and services. Data-Vision will provide its electronic data exchange services to London Bridge Group mortgage origination customers through The Mortgage Originator (TMO) application.

This new relationship allows TMO users, who currently utilize R-Docs to e-mail documents to recipients, the ability to view documents prior to printing. Data-Vision says this process will make it easier for the recipient to actually see the document and inspect it for accuracy before printing large document packages. LBG customer documents also will be immediately encrypted and compressed for faster, secure downloading, the company says.

London Bridge Group has over 1,200 customers worldwide and provides a portfolio of software and e-commerce solutions including Customer and Enterprise Management Software, Intelligent Banking Software, Credit Management Software, and Mortgage Lending software. London Bridge Group employs more than 750 people and has offices in Atlanta, Aliso Viejo, Orlando, New York, Denver, London, Stratford (UK), Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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