If local business news is any indication, it’s easy to understand the wild ride the stock market has taken these recent weeks.

It’s been hard to make predictions for the rest of 2002, because local companies are sending and receiving mixed messages, and the recent earnings announcements from many local companies continued that trend.

US LEC posted higher revenue despite its write-off of WorldCom; Salix reported soaring revenue but increased losses; Embrex coasted with flat sales and profits; Pharmanetics lost $2.4 million in 2Q; Inveresk revenues were up, as they were for CT Communications; Cree reported a $22.5 million loss in its fiscal fourth quarter; S1 reported a loss of $5.6 million, which was an improvement over the $43.6 million loss it reported a year ago; and Pozen reported a $6.6 million loss, an increase from a year ago.

The venture industry seems to be equally fickle. While Silicon Valley Bank’s deals picked up on a national level, local opportunities produced 12 deals for the RTP branch. Investment bankers are closing their doors in Atlanta, but in the first seven months of the year, 36 Georgia-based companies closed on an average of $10 million in venture capital. North Carolina is lagging in venture capital deals, but Charlotte-based Mentor Capital opened its doors to provide angel funding to southeastern companies, and 35 tech companies in N.C. have attracted $200 million in venture capital so far this year.

The good news is that through July, high-tech companies in the Carolinas and Georgia have pulled in $566 million in more than 70 deals. The bad news is Level 8 and Sense Technologies are fighting Nasdaq delisting, upcoming layoffs are planned at CommScope, JDS Uniphase was forced to sell Cronos for $9 million, a staggering drop from the $565 million it paid for the company, and rumors of Equitel possibly fililng for bankruptcy are circulating.

Even within individual companies, the highs and lows are being experienced simultaneously. For example, Incara, facing its delisting from Nasdaq, also received approval from the FDA to move ahead with its liver treatment trials.

What a week …


“I used to say we wanted to be the next Enron, but we changed that and now want to be like eBay.”- Bob Young, founder of Red Hat and Lulu Enterprises, talking about his new company, Lulu Enterprises

“I say creativity is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent theft, and I define theft very liberally as anything you’ve learned from someone else.” – Bob Young, founder of Red Hat.

“When we have a major market run-up, the big firms come in and open up
regional offices. As soon as the markets tank, those are the first ones to leave.” – Tom Avery, head of tech investment banking at Raymond James.

“If you have highs everyday and you want something to work so badly, you hit lows pretty intensely as well.” – Former Red Hat spokesperson Melissa London


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