Venture Bound, a private funding resource that helps link entrepreneurs up with accredited investors, has developed an Accredited Entrepreneur Program to help small business owners prepare for meeting with investors.

“We are confident that entrepreneur preparedness can be broken down into different degrees of disclosure,” Venture Bound co-founder Doug Kilarski said in a statement. “Entrepreneurs should appreciate the venture capital funding process and the full-disclosure requirements of accredited investors. The closer an entrepreneur approaches full disclosure, the nearer they are to gaining the interest of accredited investors.”

Venture Bound will review a company’s fund-raising documents and make business, disclosure and financial recommendations. It also will help write business plans and funding memorandums and will put entrepreneurs in touch with the professional services they need to prepare themselves better before meeting with investors.

“Entrepreneurs should try to become their own lead investor, and act like it by addressing accredited investors’ information requirements,” Venture Bound co-founder Ron Robertson said. “Trying to do it yourself can save you time and money, but entrepreneurs must be informed and prepared to react if they’ve taken a wrong route or fall short on their full-disclosure. With Venture Bound’s help, entrepreneurs can choose how much help they need and access that help when they need it.”

Venture Bound: