The Advanced Test Engineering and Measurement lab consortium has completed the first of a series of test campaigns aimed at investigating complex networking issues by deploying an advanced measurement infrastructure across a wide area.

The newly established group, known as ATEAM, is comprised of advanced research networking test labs distributed across North America. Founding members are the British Columbia Institute of Technology Internet Engineering Lab, Centaur Lab at North Carolina State University, the Ohio Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center, the CalNGI Network Performance Reference Lab at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and the network operations center at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Spirent Communications is the founding corporate sponsor for ATEAM’s testing activities.

“These initial tests were meant to shake-out the equipment and prove we could efficiently and securely use the test sets,” John Moore, technical director for N.C. State’s Centaur Lab. “This work sets the stage for further investigations into next generation advanced networking topics such as IPv6 and high-speed multicast.”

Each lab provides connectivity and test equipment that can be reserved and securely accessed by researchers interested in taking measurements and performing tests between sites. The consortium also can gather network performance metrics such as latency, throughput and packet loss as well as providing functional testing for new advanced networking technologies.

The geographic positioning of the labs provides a distinct advantage enabling testing within the Internet2 core and across international peering points between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Future expansion of the ATEAM membership is anticipated to include labs from across the globe.


Centaur Lab: