ATLANTA … The Real-Time Division of Concurrent Computer (Nasdaq:CCUR) has been selected by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) to provide Concurrent’s Power Hawk 740 as the heart of the Eurofighter Interim Training Device (ITD) Training Simulator.

The Power Hawk will host the EADS simulation application, which controls the flight model attack and identification system and other simulation functions. EADS Germany will integrate Power Hawk systems to provide the simulator glass cockpit including Heads Up Display Avionics, Instructor/Operator System and visual systems.

The Eurofighter 2000 project, known as Eurofighter Typhoon, is a multinational effort by European nations, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, to produce a leading-edge fighter aircraft for the next century. It is designed to be the world’s most capable and dynamic swing-role combat aircraft.

“The Eurofighter ITD represents one of the most advanced and fully featured simulation systems available to date, and we are proud that EADS recognizes our 35-plus years of expertise and the proven performance of our Power Hawk systems in the real-time arena,” Paul Meyer, president of Concurrent’s Real-Time Division, said in a statement. “We have long been recognized as a leader in simulation systems but it’s always rewarding to be chosen for such an important project and have that role confirmed.”

The Luftwaffe requires the Eurofighter ITD for initial crew training in advance of the full mission simulator Aircrew Synthetic Training Aid availability. It will be used primarily to train service-instructor pilots, but will also be used in support of future operational aircrew transition to the Eurofighter.

Concurrent Computer: