ideacode, Inc., a software development and consulting company based, says it won a bid to develop and deploy a data mining application for the facilities planning and design division of a “major North Carolina university.”

ideacode declined to comment on the identity of the university but a source who wishes to remain anonymous says the university is in fact NC State.

The company’s release referred to a Facilities Planning and Design Division that put out the request for proposals because it found itself in need of a tool that allows it to manage its existing document archives, which currently exists only in hardcopies that are stored in an undisclosed warehouse. The division also expects to begin receiving large quantities of new data electronically as a result of $350 million in bond projects it is working on throughout this decade, says a statement released by ideacode.

ideacode says it will deploy its AERES application, which allows authorized users to analyze and manage architectural and engineering documents, among other capabilities, for the university’s 1,300-or-so facilities on 11 million acres of property it operates from across the US and abroad, the statement says.