Embrex, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMBX), a biotechnology company focused on agriculture, announced that it has been added to the Russell 2000 Index, which measures the performance of the 2,000 smallest companies in the Russell 3000 Index.

The Russell 2000 represents about eight percent of the total market capitalization of the Russell 3000, and both are used by index fund managers and traders in researching a company’s financial future, according to a statement released by Embrex.

Embrex also announced that its vaccine Bursplex, which helps fight infectious bursal disease in poultry, has received approval from Mexican regulators.

In the statement Randall Marcuson, president and chief executive officer of Embrex, says: “With the Bursaplex vaccine now registered in 23 countries, poultry producers worldwide are becoming more and more familiar with the benefits of treating IBD in ovo with our single-dose vaccine rather than using conventional vaccines which can require multiple field boosts.”

Mexico is the fourth largest producer of chicken in the world at 1.2 billion chickens per year, according to Embrex officials. The company says field tests are expected to begin this summer.

Embrex: www.embrex.com