Alcatel announced today that city-owned Bristol Virginia Utilities has purchased Alcatel’s “fiber-to-the-user” solution on Bristol’s newly-lit all optical network.

The 7340 FTTU, which provides BVU customers with fiber optic connections directly into their homes, was developed at Alcatel’s facility on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh.

A statement released by Alcatel says Bristol households who subscribe to BVU services will be able to connect to the Internet at high speeds and simultaneously use four telephone lines, among other broadband connection uses, through the 7340 FTTU.

The “last-mile” fiber optic connector is an attempt by Alcatel to expand beyond the company’s traditional focus on DSL equipment and into high bandwidth service equipment, such as video on demand.

Alcatel also is deploying the equipment in San Francisco as part of a deal with SBC.