BTI Telecom, headquartered on Six Forks Road in Raleigh, has appointed J.W. Braukman, the company’s chief financial officer, to the position of chief operating officer.

Braukman will serve in both capacities, according to a statement released by BTI. He is now responsible for the telecom’s order processing, provisioning and customer service divisions. Chief Executive Offiver Joe Cece will continue to oversee the network engineering, technology, and sales and marketing departments.

Braukman, a former CFO for GE, joined BTI in January just as the executive shakeup was beginning at the locally-grown company. All of the firm’s original leaders have since departed with Cece and Braukman now handling most of the managing roles themselves.

BTI has been noticeably quiet in 2002 following a tumultuous 2001 that saw its founder Peter Loftin embroiled in a sex scandal, mounting pressure from more than $370 million in debt and then the take over of its day-to-day operations by New York-based investment firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe.

The company’s debt is no longer publicly traded, and BTI officials refuse to discuss the company’s current financial status.