The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Dassault Systemes are forming a strategic development partnership for 3D Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) technology.

Under the agreement, the two parties will develop multi-disciplinary projects and research activities in the areas of Internet-based collaborative product engineering, product simulation, e-commerce and 3D PLM education.

At the core of the new partnership is the creation of the Georgia Tech Product Life Cycle Management Competency Center (GT-PLMCC) on the main university campus in Atlanta. Georgia Tech says the Center intends to provide the university with the new computer-aided classrooms, intelligent synthesis environments and virtual reality simulation theatres necessary for collaborative design evolution and education.

The Center’s high-performance computer labs will be unique in their location in an academic setting, allowing Georgia Tech students to design better product systems, and systems of systems, the university says. One of the functions of the GT-PLMCC, it adds, will be to disseminate new design and analysis methodologies, visualization technologies and best practices to government and industry partners through sponsored research and seminars in coordination with Dassault Systemes.

Initially, Georgia Tech says it will use the PLM tools to produce cutting edge aeronautical/aerospace engineering technology coupled with an established integrated product and process development methodology in support of advanced vehicle design research. Additional development will take place in the areas of manufacturing, management and enterprise resource planning.


Dassault Systemes: