Editor’s note: Week in Review appears on Mondays in Local Tech Wire. Not only does it recap the week that was — the good and the bad — but it also includes some memorable quotes and links to stories LTW published the previous Monday through Friday. The Triangle area seems to lend credence to the White House’s claims that while the stock market is still in recession mode, the overall economy is strengthening. Last week’s business news was almost exclusively positive, for the first time in quite awhile. With a multitude of new partnerships, new product offerings, and new venture deals, the skies look to be clearing once again.

The healthcare and biotech industries continued their forward momentum, with a number of significant events and announcements. Inspire announced it was increasing its research efforts and is at work on a new drug, the founders of Merix have started Regado, a company that will develop drugs that allow physicians to have greater control over their effects, TherapyEdge closed a $1 million deal with the government of Nigeria to provide its treatment option software and human expertise in that nation’s fight against AIDS, and etrials announced a 177 percent year-to-year increase in revenue.

And more venture capital is finding its way to the Carolinas and Atlanta. AppGate received $2.5 million, its second round of funding in five months, and VistaScape, a security software firm in Atlanta, closed on $4.1 million.

The telecom industry, a market that has been particularly hard hit, even had some good news. BellSouth deployed the largest ever Cisco wireless LAN at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Ala., Systech rolled out its new co-location service, Scientific-Atlanta was chosen to provide a cable modem termination system to the largest cable provider in Sweden, Avesair rolled out a free trial program for operators to set up mobile marketing programs, and Intec Telecom Systems and More Magic partnered to develop mobile commerce services. (Although, on the down side, Scientific-Atlanta eliminated 1,300 jobs.)

Another significant sign that business is picking up is the rash of new hire announcements that were made in the last week. Equant hired a new vice president of sales, HiddenMind hired a new product vice president, AtheroGenics named a new vice president of business development, Alogent named a new chief financial officer. Even more important is the responsibilities handled by most of these new hires…drumming up new business, increasing sales, and managing product development. The indication is that companies are making business development and growth a priority.

Quotes of the Week:

“I’m a long-term optimist for capital spending, and particularly in information technology and biotechnology, but I’m a short-term pessimist.” – Jeffrey Humphreys, director of the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia

“The number one issue that comes into play is capitalization of new technologies. But growth is really critical so there has to be the expenditure.” – Kimo Kong, Avesair founder and chief operating officer

“I’m not predicting that the markets will turn around tomorrow and we’ll get instant returns. It still will take a lot of hard work and will take time. But I think we will have very superior returns in the long run because the price of owning companies has decreased substantially in the last couple of years.” – Andrew Silton, North Carolina’s Chief Investments Officer

“I’d rather see a good management team with a mediocre product than a mediocre team with a good product.” – Mike Praeger, co-founder and CEO, AvidXchange

Telecom & Networking:

July 12: Security Headlines COMDEX www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1335&k=12&l=02

July 12: Atlanta, Maryland Firms Partner for M-Commerce Services www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1337&k=12&l=02

July 11: Swedish Cable Operator Picks Scientific-Atlanta www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1324

July 11: Systech Rolls Out Co-location Service www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1326

July 11: Earthlink Offering E-mail By Phone www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1319&k=11&l=01

July 10: BellSouth Deploys Cisco Wireless Network at Hospital www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1314

July 8: Engineering Publication Gives High Marks to Charlotte-Based Parsons www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1291

July 8: Ellaville, Ga. Launches None-Line-of-Sight Wireless Broadband System www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1277&k=08&l=29

July 8: Avesair Tries To Jump Start Its Client Base with a Free Trial Program www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1296

Life Science & Biotech:

July 12: Therapy Edge Deal With Nigeria Is Worth $1 million, CEO Says www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1333&k=15&l=02

July 12: Medical Breakthroughs Don’t Necessarily Mean: ‘Start a Company’, Panelists Say www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1334&k=15&l=02

July 11: TriPath Expects FDA Rejection www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1322

July 11: etrials Sees Revenue Surge www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1325

July 11: Nigeria To Use ThearpyEdge in AIDS Fight www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1320&k=11&l=01

July 11: Merix Founders Form New Company, Attract Funding From Old Partners www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1321&k=11&l=01

July 10: Greg Mossinghoff, a Former Broker and Big Pharma Exec, Finds Working for Smaller Firm Inspiring www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1310&k=13&l=31

July 8: Inspire Broadens Research Efforts, Plans New Drug Proposal www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1300&k=09&l=30

July 8: Online Veterinary Service Provider Picks Springboard www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1283&k=08&l=29

On the Venture Front:

July 10: AppGate Gets Second VC in Five Months, Taking $2.5M This Time www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1316

July 9: NC’s Chief Investment Officer Aggressively Seeking Opportunities www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1295

July 8: Chapel Hill Firm Hires New CEO, Gets Additional Funding www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1287

July 8: Venture Profile: Thompson Clive Venture Capital Has an Eye on Triangle www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1279&k=11&l=29

July 8: Durham Firm Uses Creative Financing To Delay Need for Venture Cash www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1280&k=08&l=29

July 8: Security Software Firm in Atlanta Closes on $4.1M www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1285&k=11&l=29

Executive Suite:

July 10: TriPath Picks New Exec for Subsidiary www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1312

July 10: SlickEdit COO Stepping Down www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1308

July 9: Lancope Names New CEO www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1297&k=09&l=30

Mergers, Acquisitions, Corporate Actions:

July 8: Digital Broadband Subsidiary Buys E-Dreamz www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1289

July 7: Scientific Atlanta Eliminates 1,300 Jobs www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1273&k=08&l=29

On the Move:

July 11: Equant Hires New Sales VP www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1329

July 10: HiddenMind Hires New Product VP www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1313

July 10: AtheroGenics Names New VP of Business Development www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1311

July 9: Software Firm Relocates to NC, in Part To Be Close to Web Host www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1298&k=12&l=30

July 8: Zoom Culture To Unveil Its New Studios on Thursday www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1293

July 7: Alogent Names New CFO www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1274&k=08&l=29


July 8: What Rebound? Lagging Fortunes of Tech Giants Point to Modest — If Any – Growth www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1284&k=11&l=29

Software & Hardware:

July 12: Chapel Hill’s Buoy5 Stays Well Afloat with New Software Package www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1332&k=15&l=02
July 12: Cambar Software Puts Used Parts Firm Online www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1338&k=12&l=02

July 11: Simtrol Gets Contract Extension www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1323

July 11: MetaPartners Touts FullSeven www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1328

July 11: Stonesoft Certified by RSA www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1318&k=11&l=01

July 10: Bad Times in Real Estate Mean Good Times for AvidXchange www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1309&k=13&l=31

July 9: BellSouth, Atlanta ASP Offer New Healthcare Suite www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1307

July 9: TogetherSoft Gets High Marks in Report www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1306

July 9: LIPSinc Rolls Out ‘Impersonator’ www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1305

July 8: Systech Moves To Help Microsoft Users Save on Upgrades www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1292

July 8: Financial Network Picks ISS www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1286&k=08&l=29

July 8: Chicago Law Firm Picks FullSeven for E-Mail www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1294

Other News:

July 12: Coventor Unveils MEMS Products www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1336&k=12&l=02

July 11: iEntertainment Draws New Customers, Has Deal Pending with European ISP www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1330

July 11: NCSU, Others Help Students Caught in Bankruptcy of Training Firm www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1331

July 10: ISP Community Watch? Service Providers, FBI, SBI To Discuss Internet Crime www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1315

July 9: 4Front Systems Goes Gold www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1304

July 9: Silverpop Adds Six New Customers www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1303

July 9: Cree Gets Contracts That Could Total $26.5M www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1299&k=09&l=30

July 9: CED To Present Three New Awards at InfoTech www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1301&k=09&l=30

July 9: CrossCromm Develops BASF Agricultural Products Site www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=1302&k=09&l=30