Cisco Systems, which has a major operation in RTP, has released a new book about how it saved millions of dollars while also keeping customers happy.

Published by Cisco Press, the book is called “Cisco Systems Saves MillionsWhile Improving Customer Support” and is authored by Andrew Connan and Vince Russell.

The book explains how the eSupport system at Cisco Systems works and how it can help other organizations save money. It says eSupport offers the learned wisdom Cisco has gained on its way to making a successful eSupport system a Web-based self-service approach to providing answers for customers. Readers will learn about eSupport and its benefits, as well as how to develop, implement, and manage its evolution, Cisco says.

This book is derived in part from interviews with the Cisco Systems
personnel who helped conceive, plan, and implement Cisco’s eSupport
strategy. John Chambers, president and chief executive officer of San
Jose-based Cisco Systems, is also included as one of the interviews.

The $24.95 paperback will be published in August.

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