Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: ISPH) says that its scientists and collaborators will present 17 new abstracts for possible drug and therapy development at the XIV World Congress of Pharmacology thorugh July 12 in San Francisco.

The company also says it has plans to formally apply for a new drug proposal within the next 18 months.

In doing so, Inspire says it continues to make headway in P2Y receptor biology and nucleotide medicinal chemistry, presenting new research on the synthesis and biological activity of nucleotides, which are the building blocks of DNA. Importantly, while Inspire continues to build on its expertise of P2Y2 receptors, which are molecules on the surface of a cell that attract certain ligands (drugs), the company says it is now expanding its technology platform to target a select group of non-P2Y2 receptors that show therapeutic promise.

The abstracts include work conducted on anti-thrombotic (prevention of a blood clot in the heart) effects of P2Y12 “receptor antagonists,” which are defined as a chemical substance that blocks certain activities in a cell. In addition, Inspire’s discovery team is profiling nucleotide receptor signaling, targeting regulators of signaling proteins and is designing receptor approaches for identifying compounds that may reduce pressure inside the eye.

“Our focused discovery efforts are designed to provide a continuous flow of preclinical products to complement our already robust development pipeline,” Benjamin R. Yerxa, vice president of discovery for Inspire, said in a statement. “As we have done with our clinical pipeline, we are applying our expertise in areas where we believe there is clear opportunity for improved therapies, and where we can make the best use of our strengths in the understanding of nucleotide receptors and their ligands–. From these targeted efforts, we plan to submit at least one Investigational New Drug application with the (FDA) in the next 18 months.”

Inspire discovers and develops new drugs to treat diseases characterized by deficiencies in the body’s innate defense mechanisms of mucosal hydration (the process of moistening surfaces such as the eye) and mucociliary clearance (the process of clearing particles and dust from such surfaces as the lungs), as well as other non-mucosal disorders. Its lead product candidates target ophthalmic and respiratory diseases with inadequate current treatments and which represent large therapeutic market opportunities. Inspire’s products are based on proprietary technology relating to P2Y receptors, and the company is exploring other target diseases where it believes P2Y receptors play important biological roles.

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