Zoom Culture is holding an open house and media tour Thursday at its new studios in Chapel Hill’s Meadowmont Village.

The company says it will have several exciting announcements regarding its TV programs “Hip-Hop Nation” and “Playground Earth,” as well as new shows, “The Verge” and “Slobber Knockers.”

A special appearance will be made by Crystal Atwood, the new host of
“Playground Earth,” which is billed as “a wild ride through the world of extreme sports.” Hosts from “Hip-Hop Nation” will also be at the event, discussing ideas for the show’s third season on NBC stations. As for the two new shows, Zoom Culture will air sneak previews Thursday night.

Zoom Culture is a new media company that specializes in producing and
distributing digital video content for television and the Internet. Founded in Chapel Hill in 1999, its investment partners include
Intersouth Partners, Chrysalis Ventures, TriState Investment Group, Cordova Ventures, Charlotte Angel Partners, The Atlantis Group and truePilot.

The new studios of Zoom Culture are located at 400 Meadowmont Village in a 435-acre residential and business development flanking both sides of N.C. 54 in Chapel Hill. The open house and media tour of the new facilities will begin at 8 PM.

Zoom Culture: www.zc.tv