Scientific Atlanta, Inc. (NYSE: SFA), a supplier of transmission networks for broadband access to home consumers, says it will discontinue the third production shift at its facilities in Juarez, Mexico and will in the process eliminate 1,300 positions, which is equal to about 30 percent of the company’s workforce.

A statement issued by the company cites current economic conditions and reduced product demand as the reason for the cuts.

Last October the company closed its facility in Norcross, Ga. where Scientific Atlanta manufactued transmission equipment and moved the operataion to its two plants in Juarez.

Through March 29 company revenues decreased 32 percent to $1.28 billion while net income decreased 54 percent to $120 million. Shares of SFA ranged in price from $13.56 to $44.80 during the last 52 weeks and recently traded near $13.49. The company’s market capitalization is $2.37 billion.

Scientific Atlanta: