Convey Systems, a provider of Web-based conferencing software, says it is providing Summitlink, a Virginia planning software company, with the Web-based collaborative capabilities of its OnDemand software.

Summitlink has implemented Convey Systems’ OnDemand software on its Web site to provide visitors with an instantaneous link to a real person. McLean, VA-based Summitlink says it also uses OnDemand’s email link, which embeds OnDemand call button capabilities into email that is sent to prospects or customers with the invitation to click the link and be immediately connected with sender.

“We are excited about the way Summitlink is using OnDemand…they are taking full advantage of all the features of our solution, not only to serve and support customers, but also to pursue prospects,” Mike Sibley, president and chief executive officer of Convey Systems, said in a statement. “This is the kind of use we envisioned during development of the software.”

Convey Systems, founded in 1998, is based in Charlotte. The company provides solutions for reference services within educational, public and professional sectors, help desk services for customer and technical support, kiosk implementations, and sales and marketing applications.

Convey Systems: