AppGate, a company focused on virtual private networks, is shuffling and reorganizing its headquarters and other offices.

AppGate’s management says it has chosen to “better centralize” its efforts in the U.S. and Europe. Its worldwide headquarters will be moving to San Jose, CA, and European headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland. The company says these two cities are positioned as key centers of security technology in both North America and Europe. Previously, both AppGate’s worldwide and European headquarters were in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The shift in location of AppGate’s headquarters will redefine the Durham office’s role, the company says. As its resources continue to expand, the Durham office will support the organization as the “North American Center of Excellence”, primarily housing AppGate’s worldwide centralized engineering division. It also will accommodate sales, support, marketing, product management and worldwide manufacturing divisions.

Similarly, the Gothenburg office will remain as a Center of Excellence for Support serving AppGate’s Scandinavian customer base, as well as the European, Middle Eastern and African customers. AppGate Ltd.’s London office, too, will become a Center of Excellence for Sales and Support, the company says.

AppGate adds that European sales demand is also driving its planned launch of two new sales offices located in France and Germany. The company says it will be aggressively building out its United Kingdom locale as well.

AppGate’s VPN technology has offered an application-layer VPN product delivering security within a legacy network as well as outside the network (remote or Web access). Most recently, AppGate launched its Junis PowerBox and Fortimus PowerBox models for small to medium and large enterprises respectively. The new PowerBox models offer a solution that now includes such functionalities as Secure Print, expanded clustering capabilities, greater ease of management and AppGate’s Protis Personal Firewall.