Digital Broadband Networks Inc. (DBN) says it has established a U.S. subsidiary called EyStar Media Inc. to expand its operations in the country.

EyStar will immediately look to acquire U.S. technology companies for development of additional value-added services that are synergistic to the company’s operations in the United States and Asia, DBN says. EyStar will also be headquartered in Charlotte, where its parent company is located.

Apart from acquiring technology companies, EyStar will also market the SmartHome Console developed by DBN. The SmartHome Console bridges external data networks such as the Internet to internal home networks like Ethernet, telephone line, power line and the 802.11b wireless local area network, thus eliminating the need for any additional wiring in the home, the company says.

Richard Reich, who will serve as chief executive officer and director of EyStar, said in a statement: “This is the first of several steps for continued growth into the U.S. market while providing additional revenue streams for (DBN).”

DBN is also the parent company of Malaysian-based Animated Electronic Industries (AEI), and its subsidiary, Perwimas Telecommunications. Perwimas is licensed to operate VISIONET, a national, digital, wireless broadband network that will support high speed Internet access, video on demand, multimedia applications and services targeted towards both business and residential markets.

Digital Broadband Networks Inc.: