The B2T Conference, scheduled for Sept. 18-19 at the McKimmon Center on the campus of N.C. State, is currently looking for panelists to speak at the conference on a variety of program topics, from wireless to CRM.

Business Leader magazine is partnering with N.C. Citizens for Business and Industry and others to present the B2T Conference. Its purpose is to introduce senior level executives and IT managers of North Carolina¹s enterprise and mid-size companies to technologies that can make their companies more competitive and profitable.

“This is a business to business conference for true technology companies,” Dan Davies, publisher of Business Leader, said. “This is not a consumer show–. This is not an event where techies speak to techies.”

The target audience for all programs is C-Level executives, senior managers and their IT teams. Speakers should be of sufficient expertise and influence so that an executive would give up a day in the office to hear him/her speak, Davies says.

In addition to wireless and customer relationship management (CRM), program topics include security and privacy, convergence (IP Telephony), contingency planning, competitive intelligence, CLECs and “Leveraging Technology to Leverage Your Profitability.”

Business Leader asks that recommendations be emailed to Dan Davies at For more information on the B2T Conference, visit the Web site.

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