FloLogic, manufacturers and marketers of in-line, automatic shut-off valves that can prevent water damage and water loss, is experiencing a spike of interest in and sales of its shut-off values in Colorado, where the state is experiencing its largest forest fire ever.

In one week in one community, 90 FloLogic devices were sold, the company says.

FloLogic company executives in Raleigh attribute rising interest in the FloLogic System 2000 to acute awareness of area water shortages and recognition by homeowners that when they are driven from their homes for extended periods due to a natural disaster, they expose themselves to problems. Among them are water damage from leaking or failed household devices and catastrophic plumbing failures, like broken washing machine hoses or cracked ice maker lines.

The company’s flagship product, FloLogic System 2000, is an in-line shut-off valve installed in the main water line that detects and automatically shuts off excess water flow. FloLogic System 2000 works like a circuit breaker for a home’s plumbing system, and monitors all water flowing into the home with an adjustable timer.

FloLogic: www.flologic.com