Computone Corporation has said that its “forward-thinking vision” would soon be reflected in a new corporate identity, and now the company has decided that identity will be Symbiat, Inc.

The name Symbiat was selected because it supports the heightened vision of the company, Computone says, as well as representing the corporate culture of its wholly owned subsidiary, Multi-User Solutions, Ltd. Symbiat is a derivative of symbiosis, defined as, “a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship between two people or groups; organizations working together for their mutual interest,” according to the company.

“Symbiat, Inc. reflects the company’s commitment to provide exceptional products, services and solutions with the highest level of customer care,” Leo Bebeau, president and chief executive officer of Computone, said in a statement. “The expansion by the company into new markets provides increased opportunities for the company with new, as well as, existing customers. We chose the name Symbiat after extensive research and planning. Through a combined effort, the newly named Symbiat was finalized. This change represents an important transformation and extension of our growth strategy.”

The official name change will be announced upon proper regulatory notification and upon the effectuation with the Delaware Secretary of State. Computone says that under its new identity of Symbiat, it will be a cutting edge provider of products, services and outsourced solutions. With the completion of proposed transactions, both the parent company and its subsidiary will operate under the new name.

Computone has been in the IT industry since its inception in1984. Today, the Atlanta-based company designs, manufactures and markets a line of intelligent servers for secure remote network management, secure E-commerce, and remote access communications for Internet, Sun, Linux, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft Windows NT and Novell.

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