For Misys Healthcare Systems clients, the company says its i-Class simplifies the training process by creating a virtual classroom environment that brings the training tools right to the PC via the Internet.

Misys i-Class is an interactive learning environment, the company says. It adds that instructors and students have the benefits of a more traditional “classroom-like” setting with the convenience of their own personal computer.

Currently, more than 40 training modules of Misys i-Class are available for Misys Tiger, Misys EM and Misys Query.

Misys says its clients may also benefit from its relationship with WorldCom and can receive dial-up business-class Internet connection at a discounted rate

“We had more than 300 participants in May alone,” McLeod said. “And we anticipate a growing volume. We want to give our customers as much knowledge about our products as possible, helping them to take advantage of their full scope of capabilities. That’s the real value of i-Class.”

Raleigh-based Misys Healthcare Systems is a division of Misys plc, one of the world’s largest independent application software products companies. The company designs, develops, and supports a comprehensive suite of information products for hospitals, commercial laboratories, physician practices and home care providers that serve the healthcare IT industry’s broadening spectrum of needs.

Misys Healthcare Systems: