AppGate, a producer of what it calls plug-and-play virtual private network solutions, has released two new products – Junis PowerBox Models for business users and the Fortimus PowerBox Models for enterprise power users running AppGate PowerBox Version 5.0.

AppGate also said it is adding the Protis Personal Firewall to their product line, which works in conjunction with the Junis and Fortimus PowerBoxes. AppGate PowerBox 5.0’s newest features deliver personal firewall, secure printing and expanded clustering capabilities necessary to provide the market’s most comprehensive and powerful VPN right-out-of-the-box, the company says.

The company says AppGate Junis and Fortimus PowerBoxes are designed to offer users a full, scalable e-security system that supports full authentication functionality, access control systems, local and wireless protection and more. The new PowerBox models provide companies with a comprehensive, single migration path that can take a user from an entry-level Junis I PowerBox Model for 50 users all the way up to the Fortimus Enterprise PowerBox million-user system.

The AppGate Junis I PowerBox Version 5.0 list price starts at $7,399 for 50 users with optional Protis Personal Firewalls available at $40 per user.

AppGate is a privately held company that designs and manufactures e-security software and hardware network solutions for small to large enterprises. AppGate has offices in Durham and Gothenburg, Sweden.