Digital Optics Corporation (DOC) has hired John Bowerman as its telecom market development manager to focus on further development of telecom product lines.

Bowerman previously held positions with Nortel Networks, Corning Incorporated and Honeywell. DOC says he brings strong experience and knowledge of optical components and the systems to which they are applied.

One area Bowerman will be focusing on is DOC’s WaveSetter platform. This includes products for fixed laser, narrowly tunable laser and widely tunable laser applications. Lockers for both front and back facet lasers are available from DOC in 25GHz, 50GHz and 100GHz channel spacings. Optical and electrical performance characteristics, as well as physical size and orientation of DOC’s lockers, can be optimized to meet customer specifications, the company says.

Digital Optics Corporation is headquartered in Charlotte and specializes in technology development, design, manufacture and marketing of PHOTONIC CHIPS wafer-based passive and active integrated optical sub-assemblies.

Digital Optics Corporation: