Alerts Inc., a provider of real-time, personalized business intelligence, has released its newest product called PortalAlerts, for the BEA WebLogic Portal.

With PortalAlerts, BEA (Nasdaq: BEAS) WebLogic Portal users will be notified immediately, via the portal and/or email or wireless devices, when business-critical events occur that need immediate attention, Alerts says.

PortalAlerts is an enterprise-class solution that provides information integration and alerting capabilities within the portal interface. It delivers relevant, time-sensitive information to the right people at the right time, Alerts says, enabling them to make informed decisions and respond proactively-enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Flexible and standards-based, PortalAlerts integrates easily and quickly with BEA WebLogic Portal and other existing information systems.

By bringing together the most relevant information from throughout the extended enterprise and delivering it into the portal for users to act upon, Alerts says its PortalAlerts is the first solution to fulfill these information integration needs. The company adds that its latest product enables employees to leverage existing stove-piped applications via one-way, read-only integration with systems from companies such as Amdocs Ltd./Clarify, Siebel, SAP and Oracle, resulting in immediate value both for integration efforts and for the portal.

Alerts is a privately held company with investors including ABS Ventures, The Aurora Funds, Cordova Ventures, and Intersouth Partners of Durham.

Alerts Inc.: