Paradigm Genetics (Nasdaq: PDGM) and LION bioscience AG (Nasdaq: LEON) of Germany have been awarded a five-year, $11.7 million Advanced Technology Program (ATP) grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

It is the largest grant the ATP has ever made in the area of bioinformatics. The federal funding will support the development of a Target Assessment Technologies Suite (TATS), according to Paradigm. This suite of technologies is intended to increase the number and success rate of validated targets for product development by the pharmaceutical and other life sciences industries.

Both RTP-based Paradigm and LION, which has U.S. operations in Cambridge, MA, will participate equally in the grant and anticipate significant commercial applications for the new technologies. The award is contingent upon both companies’ entering into a cooperative agreement with the NIST.

According to the federal agency, the ATP is meant to bridge the gap between the research lab and the marketplace, stimulating prosperity through innovation. Through partnerships with the private sector, the NIST says, ATP’s early-stage investment is accelerating the development of innovative technologies that promise significant commercial payoffs and widespread benefits for the nation.

“We believe that in the post-genomics era, the key is to combine data streams from high throughput technologies into coherent data sets in a way that makes biological sense,” John E. Hamer, president and chief executive officer of Paradigm Genetics, said in a statement. “This grant will help support Paradigm’s efforts to leverage our strong informatics and data integration capabilities to enable the creation and analysis of coherent data.”

Paradigm Genetics is a life sciences company developing new technologies to discover products for the advancement of human health and agriculture. In human health, Paradigm seeks to use its proprietary MetaVantage metabolomics technology platform to transform drug discovery and development by significantly enhancing the study of drug targets, lead compounds, and predictive medicine.

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