The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted BioShield Technologies, Inc. approval for a new use application of its antimicrobial line of products for the $17 billion paints and coatings industry.

This “New Use Approval,” as its called, significantly extends the use of BioShield’s product line as a spray on latex paints, stains, coatings, films, laminates and finishes, as well as directly added in can paints to control the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and algae for both indoor or outdoor use.

It also provides BioShield with a quick entry into paints and coatings industry, which includes everything from latex indoor and outdoor paints and stains to anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coatings, as outlined in BioShield’s EPA registration.

“This new use approval and the use of BioShield’s products into paints and coatings demonstrates the strength, efficacy and broad range of applications that our antimicrobials can be applied to,” Timothy Moses, chief executive officer, said in a statement.

BioShield Technologies is a Norcross, GA-based emerging growth company focused on biotechnology and antimicrobial products. Its core business is committed to the discovery, development, marketing and sale of surface-modifying antimicrobial and biostatic products. To date BioShield has received three US patents and eight EPA registrations.

BioShield Technologies: