As part of its Digital Literacy Training Program, the
Rural Internet Access Authority (RIAA) is accepting proposals
for grants to support projects that establish or sustain free or
low-cost computer and Internet training programs in rural
communities across North Carolina.

The RIAA is the group leading the e-NC Initiative to connect all
North Carolinians to the Internet. Its $670,000 grant program will support computer and Internet training program statewide. The deadline to apply is June 21.

Educational institutions and systems, non-profit organizations,
public sector agencies and units of government in North
Carolina’s 85 rural counties are eligible and encouraged to
apply for up to $20,000 in funding. No county may receive more
than one grant.

All proposed training programs must provide three minimum levels
of standard training, defined as follows:

  • Level I introduces computers and computer terms and develops
    basic computer use skills and a moderate comfort level with
    using computers.
  • Level II introduces the Internet and develops e-mail
    capabilities and develops skills in navigating the Internet and
    using search engines to find specific information.
  • Level III develops basic word processing skills, such as
    creating and sending documents, and using spell check. It also
    develops skills in using more advanced applications and develops
    ability to use Internet applications.

To obtain an application, visit the “What’s New” section of the
RIAA’s Web site, click on “Digital Literacy Training” and
download the request for proposals. Interested parties can also
call 1-866-NCRURAL.

Rural Internet Access Authority: