Fifty-six technology companies in the Carolinas and Georgia have obtained about $425 million in venture capital through the middle of May. Here is Local Tech Wire’s exclusive list, ranking deals in order of size:

Company; Industry; Amount (Round)

1. Movaz Networks, Norcross, Ga.; Telecom; $60 million (3rd)

Investors: Oak Investment Partners (lead), Anschutz Investments, GATX Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners, Silicon Valley BancVentures, Telus Ventures and Worldview Technology Partners

2. Inhibitex, Atlanta; Biotech; $45.4 million (4th)

Investors: Essex Woodlands Health Ventures (co-lead), New Enterprise Associates (co-lead), Alliance Technology Ventures, CDP Sofinov, Pacific Horizon Ventures and William Blair Capital Partners

3. Pathfire, Roswell, Ga.; Software; $27 million (5th)

Investors: AT&T Ventures, Bank of America Capital Investors, CNN News Group, Halpern Denny & Co., Institutional Venture Partners, Kinetic Ventures, Monarch Capital Partners, Noro-Moseley Partners, Quadrangle Group, Reuters Greenhouse Fund, Riggs Capital Partners and US Venture Partners

4. Wave 7 Optics, Alpharetta, Ga.; Telecom; $23 million (2nd)

Investors: ATV Capital (lead), Armada Ventures, Lucent Venture Partners, Mellon Ventures and Morganthaler Ventures

5. BioStratum, Durham; Biotech; $20 million (3rd)

Investors: BankInvest, Equity Resources Group, HealthCap and MP Bio

6. Servigistics, Atlanta; Software; $18 million (3rd)

Investors: Bain Capital Ventures (lead), Cordova Intellimedia Ventures, Encubate Technology Ventures, Robinson-Humphrey Netlanta Fund, SSM Ventures, Symphony Technology Group and UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund

7. Greenway Medical Technologies, Carrollton, Ga.; Software; $15 million (3rd)

Investors: Individuals

8. Norak Biosciences, Research Triangle Park; Biotech; $13 million (2nd)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners (lead), Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Aurora Funds, Intersouth Partners, Koch Ventures and Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners

9. N2 Broadband, Duluth, Ga.; IT services; $10 million (2nd)

Investors: Highland Capital Partners (lead) and AOL Time Warner Ventures

10. Magnet Communications, Atlanta; Internet; $9.4 million (4th)

Investors: Conning Capital Partners and Total Technology Ventures

11. Peak 10, Charlotte; IT services; $9.2 million (3rd)

Investors: Frontier Capital and Seaport Capital

12. MediaSpan, Durham; Media; $8.5 million (1st)

Investors: Covestco-Seteura, Rustic Canyon Group, Southeast Interactive Technology Funds

13. Fast-Talk Communications, Atlanta; IT services; $8.5 million (2nd)

Investors: Boston Millennia Partners (lead), Atlanta Technology Angels, Cordova Ventures, HIG Ventures and SAIC Venture Capital

14. GenPhar, Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Biotech; $8 million (1st)

Investors: Individuals

14. Digiquant, Atlanta; IT services; $8 million (3rd)

Investors: General Atlantic Partners (lead), Cisco Systems, Index Ventures, Vertex Management and individuals

16. NetOctave, Morrisville, N.C.; IT services; $7.8 million (2nd)

Investors: Intersouth Partners (lead), Intel Communications Fund, Kitty Hawk Capital, MCNC, North Carolina Enterprise Fund and Wakefield Group

17. iOnosphere, Greenville, S.C.; Telecom; $7 million (2nd)

Investors: Pharos Capital (lead) and Trelys Venture Partners

17. Zoom Culture, Chapel Hill; Media; $7 million (2nd)

Investors: Chrysalis Ventures (lead), Atlantis Group, Charlotte Angel Partners, Cordova Ventures, Intersouth Partners and Tri-State Investment Group.

19. Netifice Communications, Atlanta; Telecom; $6.5 million (3rd)

Investors: Boston Millennia Partners, Columbia Capital and HIG Ventures

20. Cropsolution, Morrisville, N.C.; Biotech; $6.4 million (1st)

Investors: Aurora Funds (lead), ATP Capital, Atlantis Group, Charlotte Angel Partners and Research Triangle Ventures

21. HAHT Commerce, Raleigh; Software; $6 million (2nd)

Investors: Canaan Partners

21. iReadyWorld, Charlotte; IT services; $6 million (3rd)

Investors: Total Technology Ventures (lead), Greenspring Ventures and Red Badge Ventures

23. ChannelAdvisor, Morrisville, N.C.; Software; $5.7 million (2nd)

Investors: Genesis Venture Partners (lead), eBay, Southern Capitol Ventures, The Atlantis Group and Tri-State Investment Group

24. Lancope, Alpharetta, Ga.; Software; $5.55 million (1st)

Investors: GMG Capital Partners and HIG Capital

25. EG Technology, Atlanta; Telecom; $5.5 million (1st)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners (lead), Gray Ventures, HIG Ventures and Yamacraw Seed Capital

26. KnowledgeStorm, Alpharetta, Ga.; IT services; $5.25 million (2nd)

Investors: Sterling Venture Partners (lead), Apex Venture Partners, Imlay Investments, Live Oak Equity Partners and Total Technology Ventures

27. Datatrac, Atlanta; Software; $5 million (NA)

Investors: Megunticook Fund

27., Atlanta; Internet; $5 million (4th)

Investors: Healthsouth, UBS Warburg

27. SiteScape, Wilmington, N.C.; IT services; $5 million (2nd)

Investors: Echelon Ventures, SAIC Venture Capital

27. CipherOptics, Raleigh; IT services; $5 million (1st)

Investors: Kodiak Venture Partners

27. eCompanyStore, Atlanta; Internet; $5 million (NA)

Investors: ITC Holdings

32. AppGate, Durham; IT services; $4 million (3rd)

Investors: ABN Amro (co-lead), GE Equity (co-lead), Bure Equity, Industrifinans, Innovationskapital and Pythagoras

32., Atlanta; Internet; $4 million (NA)

Investors: Individuals

34. DarPharma, Chapel Hill; Biotech; $3.2 million (1st)

Investors: Stanley Foundation and individuals

35. Trinity Convergence, Raleigh; Telecom; $3.1 million (1st)

Investors: Core Capital Partners, Intersouth Partners, Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

36. ConstructWare, Alpharetta, Ga.; Software; $3 million (3rd)

Investors: Cordova Ventures, Live Oak Equity Partners and Smith Harbor Ventures

36. MDdatacor, Alpharetta, Ga.; IT services; $3 million (2nd)

Investors: Dianon Systems and individuals

38. LiveWire Logic, Morrisville, N.C.; IT services; $2.8 million (2nd)

Investors: Gray Ventures (lead), A.M. Pappas & Associates, The Atlantis Group, Charlotte Angel Partners, Research Triangle Ventures, Tri-State Investment Group, truePilot and individuals

39. nTouch Research, Raleigh; Pharmaceutical services; $2.6 million (3rd)

Investors: Canaan Partners (co-lead), Intersouth Partners (co-lead), Bioventures and Tri-State Investment Group

40. Waveguide Solutions, Charlotte; Semiconductors; $2.5 million (2nd)

Investors: Academy Venture Funds and Southeast Interactive Technology Funds

40., Atlanta; Internet; $2.5 million (1st)

Investors: Imlay Investments and individuals

42. Relativity Technologies, Cary; Software; $2 million (3rd)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners and Wakefield Group

42. Procuri, Atlanta; Internet; $2 million (2nd)

Investors: Individuals

44. 180Commerce, Atlanta; Software; $1.8 million (3rd)

Investors: Armada Venture Group and Imlay Investments

45. Somatocor, Atlanta; Biotech; $1.7 million (seed)

Investors: Alliance Technology Ventures

46. epipeline, Atlanta; Internet; $1.5 million (3rd)

Investors: Crossbow Ventures

46. Gentris, Morrisville, N.C.; Biotech; $1.5 million (1st)

Investors: Exelixis, Research Triangle Ventures and individuals

46., Atlanta; Internet; $1.5 million (3rd)

Investors: Stephens

46. BioResource International, Raleigh; Biotech; $1.5 million (1st)

Investors: Chinese venture firm and individuals

50. Fortel DTV, Duluth, Ga.; IT services; $1 million (NA)

Investors: Individuals

50. ChemCodes, Durham; Biotech; $1 million (2nd)

Investors: Emerging Technology Partners

50. MindValve, Charlotte; Software; $1 million (Seed)

Investors: Academy Venture Funds

50. Avidxchange, Charlotte; Internet; $1 million (2nd)

Investors: CT Communications and individuals

54. Xanthon, Research Triangle Park; Biotech; NA (4th)

Investors: Aurora Funds, Franklin Street Partners, Intersouth Partners and Noro-Moseley Partners

54. BuildLinks, Raleigh; Software; NA (2nd)

Investors: Knier and Associates

54. ZapMedia, Atlanta; Telecom; NA (2nd)

Investors: Five Paces Ventures