Kadro Solutions is developing a Food Safety Auditor System for The Steritech Group, a Charlotte-based food safety and environmental hygiene company.

The new system is designed to automate the collection and calculation of complex audit data at the point of service using a mobile, pen-based computer application, and then synchronizing the data with a Web-based system for analysis, reporting, and notification, the companies say.

The Steritech Group conducts extensive audits for their clients, covering industry and government regulatory requirements for food safety and security. Data accuracy and timeliness in delivery of information to Steritech’s clients was an important factor in the design of the system, the company says, due to the fact that many audits typically take hours to perform for larger hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing facilities.

Steritech said it hired Raleigh-based Kadro Solutions to fully automate their auditing system, and to develop a mobile solution which further improves service and operational efficiency.

“One of the challenges we faced at Steritech was developing a custom data collection system that was able to meet the rigorous demands of our field auditors and clients,” Kit Whitley, Steritech’s marketing manager, said in a statement. “Thanks to Kadro Solutions, we were able to successfully deliver a solution. Working under pressing time constraints, the Kadro Solutions staff provided superior technical expertise, equipment recommendations, and helpful suggestions that enhanced our original vision and produced, in the end, a premium software solution.”

Before starting the audit, the mobile application is used to download specific information about the customer’s work order, location, audit form, tests to be performed, and auditing policies. Once at the point of service, the auditor uses the mobile application’s pen computer interface, including handwriting recognition software, for collecting data and free-form text. The information gathered includes audit item
scoring, notes about each item deducted, notes about the audit, results of all tests performed, and the name and signature of the auditor and location manager.

At the end of the audit, Steritech’s food safety auditors review the results with the customer and then synchronize their handheld omputer over a secure interface to the system’s Web application server for uploading the completed audit data.

“Steritech’s Food Safety Auditor System is a great example of
how effective mobile computing and Web-based applications can be
integrated to provide an end-to-end solution,” Rick Johnson,
president and chief executive officer of Kadro Solutions, says.

Kadro Solutions: www.kadrosolutions.com

The Steritech Group : www.steritech.com