The North Carolina Conservation Network, a coalition of environmental groups, is urging the North Carolina General Assembly’s Environmental Review Commission to draft a bill establishing an “advance recovery fee” to help offset the cost to the public to recycle used all computer monitors and televisions that have cathode tube rays.

The tubes contain high levels of led and they pose a threat to nearby water supplies when dumped in a landfill, the statement issued Thursday says. It also quotes Environmental Protection Agency statistics showing that electronic waste accounts for more than 70 percent of all heavy metal toxins found in landfills throughout the U.S.

The NC Conservation Network wants to see the ERC review this issue at its meeting scheduled for May 21-22 at 9:30 a.m. at 300 North Salisbury Street in Raleigh.

The NC Conservation Network is a statewide organization of more than 150 community groups that focus on bringing attention to environmental issues and actions from around the state. The organization hosts a comprehensive Web site that provides people with information on how they can make a difference in their community, among other functions.

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