Zoom Culture is initiating a national “Zoom Writer” program, while at the same time awarding three screenwriters in its “Hilarity Happens” contest.

The Zoom Writer program is set up based on the success of the company’s flagship member service, the Zoom Director program, which trains and equips videographers to create compelling video content for ZC.TV Programming that is distributed globally by broadcast and cable services, including NBC and FOX.

The company says Zoom Writer will employ a team of scriptwriters and other writing experts to read member’s material and feedback. In addition, Zoom Writers may have their work turned into a segment for ZC.TV Programming television shows, thereby earning income as screenwriters.

They also have the chance to step into production. Three times a year, Zoom Culture will award one Zoom Writer a grant to create, develop and potentially produce an original program.

The Chapel Hill-based company also announced that Nicolette Bethea, Craig Rowe and Matthew Kaplan are the winners of Zoom Culture’s first screenwriting contest, “Hilarity Happens.” The three were picked among numerous entries based on their scripts’ originality, comedic content and story telling expertise. They each won $100 and an opportunity to have their material used in an upcoming Zoom Culture television segment.

The students’ interest in a program for aspiring screenwriters via the “Hilarity Happens” contest led Zoom Culture to create its Zoom Writer program, the company says.

“Our goal is to create a place where young adults can gain the hands-on experience they need to succeed in the media entertainment industry” Marty Lafferty, president and chief executive officer of Zoom Culture, said in a statement. “So far we’ve trained more than 500 Zoom Directors nationwide to become professional videographers. Now, we want to do the same for aspiring screenwriters.”

Zoom Culture: www.zctv.com