eTesting Labs Inc., an outsourced testing company, and Atesto Technologies, a provider of integrated Web testing and performance management solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to deliver hosted load and stress testing services.

eTesting Labs says it will provide all the services its clients need to take maximum advantage of Atesto’s technology, from test plans and scripting to in-depth analysis and the crucial tuning recommendations that can save clients expensive hardware upgrades to their Web infrastructure. Companies that take advantage of these services will not only save money, eTesting says, but also increase their customer satisfaction and retention.

“Companies of all sizes know that the performance of their Web sites is crucial to their business success,” Mark L. Van Name, executive vice president and general manger of eTesting Labs, said in a statement. “Our new load and stress testing services provide those companies the most cost-effective way available to understand and improve the performance of those sites.”

eTesting Labs is a Ziff Davis Media company that provides outsourced testing solutions. Under the former name of ZD Labs, and as eTesting Labs since 1999, the Morrisville-based company claims to have delivered rigorous, objective, independent testing and analysis for over a decade. eTesting Labs has two facilities totaling over 45,000 square feet, and almost 1,600 dedicated network PCs.

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