Banzai Pipelines formally unveiled its service offerings today and announced the signing of three customers.

Banzai Pipelines specializes in business-to-business lead generation, qualification and sales appointment setting. It was formed to meet a growing demand of companies seeking to rapidly add qualified business leads to their sales pipelines, while providing a cost saving alternative to permanent head count.

Banzai Pipelines’ lead generation and qualification services quickly accelerate sales efforts and pipeline building activities, the company says. The client’s sales team is delivered pre-qualified prospects with an appointment already set for a face-to-face sales call.

“By providing qualified appointments our clients increase close rates as well as reduce the overall cost per sales,” Banzai President Matt Raiford said in a press release. “Banzai Pipelines allows our client’s sales forces to focus on what they do best which is, closing business in a face-to-face environment with their customers.”

The company, based in Raleigh, listed Trifolium, Oculan and eRede as its customers.

“We’re looking forward to Banzai driving leads for Oculan as well as our reseller network,” Darrek Porter, director of corporate communications at Oculan, said in a statement. “Banzai’s business model is perfect for us because it provides Oculan and our resellers new capabilities without having to build a large and expensive inside lead generation group.”

Banzai Pipelines: