Network Plus Corp., now part of Broadview Networks, will stop providing services in the Carolinas and Georgia effective on Friday, May 10.

The company recently issued a letter to the small business customers it serves in three Southeastern states, stating that the company will discontinue service.

“We regret to inform you that Network Plus must discontinue all services you are receiving in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina as of May 10, 2002,” Network Plus told its customers in a letter dated April 8. “This discontinuance will affect all local, long distance, toll free and Internet or other data services you are currently receiving from Network Plus in those states.”

The letter goes on to say that although Network Plus, headquartered near Boston since 1990, had originally told customers in the Southeast that service would continue as a result of an investment by New York-based Broadview Networks, it would now be discontinued due to subsequent events beyond the company’s control. The original letter was dated March 19.

One day later, Broadview announced that the bankruptcy court in Delaware had issued a sale order that approved its bid for the assets of Network Plus, which had filed a voluntary petition with the court in January. Broadview’s winning bid for the assets of Network Plus was $15.75 million, which includes 200,000 plus local lines, thousands of long-distance accounts, about 370 employees and an extensive long-haul fiber network that runs from New Hampshire to Florida, along with significant metropolitan fiber networks.

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