HAHT Commerce, a provider of Demand Chain Management applications, is powering Basell’s global B2B e-business site, Basell Connect, with HAHT Commerce Suite 7.0.

Now Basell’s customers in North America, Asia and Europe can access product information, place and change orders, check order status and account summaries, track railcar shipments, enter forecasts and reprint documents including invoices and certificates of analysis, according to HAHT, which is headquartered in Raleigh.

Netherlands-based Basell says its global e-commerce strategy is
customer driven and addresses the changing business environment.
Using a “start small, think big” approach, the company says it launched Basell Connect based on feedback from its customers and
the choices of services offered by HAHT Commerce.

“E-business is about choice; it is about making everyone’s job easier, and that translates into convenience, time savings, and increased customer control,” Mark Mendelson, e-business leader for Basell’s North America operations in Wilmington, DE, said in a statement. “Since our customers have long-standing business relationships with us, we constantly strive to exceed their service expectations. Through our internal E-Commerce Steering Committee, customer needs get translated into IT priorities, and through our relationship with HAHT, these priorities are rendered into live solutions.”

HAHT Commerce: www.haht.com

Basell: www.basell.com