SciQuest, Inc. (NASDAQ: SQST) has released version 2.5 of its Gene Construction Kit, the software for molecular biologists developed by New Hampshire-based Textco, a company acquired by SciQuest in February.

Gene Construction Kit (GCK), with its graphical interface, is a DNA manipulation, cloning design, and illustration tool that the company says provides molecular biologists with a way to design and track the complex process of gene cloning projects. By using GCK’s desktop cloning approach to experimental design, researchers can increase productivity and reduce research materials costs, SciQuest says. To date, researchers at 12 of the top 20 pharmaceutical research organizations, six of the top 10 biotechnology companies and many of the leading research universities utilize GCK, according to SciQuest.

Robert Gross, creator of Gene Construction Kit and former Textco chief executive officer, is now actively working with RTP-based SciQuest as a senior advisor for biological technologies. Gross is currently a professor of biological sciences at Dartmouth College, where he is also the director of the Center for Biological and Biomedical Computing.

“The Deluxe Importer Module of Version 2.5 will provide users with a simple way to create, maintain, and exchange graphical representations of any of the sequences from the human genome project,” Gross said in a statement. “With the carbonization of Gene Construction Kit, we have capitalized on the power of Mac OS X, and its Aqua interface, to provide an invaluable tool for scientists to work with gene sequences on their Macs in ways never before possible. We are very excited to offer the ability to manipulate and examine human genome sequences in such a graphically expressive environment.”

When SciQuest acquired Textco in February, the transaction was paid for with a mixture of cash and common stock. At the time, Textco’s revenues for the year were approximately $500,000.

For the day, SciQuest’s stock price has remained relatively unchanged, trading at $1.50 at midafternoon. The 52-week high for SciQuest is $2.20 and the low is 65 cents.