WolfeTech Development Corp., a software firm that concentrates on providing applications for wireless handheld devices, is going after the enterprise market with “Sigma Mobile Enterprise Solutions.” It’s designed for use with corporate Intranets, Wolfetech says.

The open-source application is compatible with popular programming tools and platforms, such as HTML, ASP and ColdFusion, and also features the ability to define multiple user groups, according to the company. The application even has a kill switch that lets administrators shut down the system in case corporate data or a device happens to “fall into the wrong hands,” according to a statement released by the company.

In that statement WolfeTech Chief Executive Officer Surya Jayaweera says: “We’ve met the challenge that corporations are demanding – a wireless solution that both builds on existing IT infrastructure and allows IT staff to manage their complete wireless application, anytime, from anywhere.”

Officials at WolfeTech, a privately-held company, declined to disclose details of the firm’s finances.

A flash demo of the product is available on the WolfeTech Web site.

WolfeTech Web site: www.wolfetech.com