Officials at FullSeven Technologies, Inc., a software firm that specializes in branding corporate e-mails, say Web-integrated e-mails generated by its clients were sent to more than 1.4 million viewers by the end of April.

A statement released by the company claims that through gaining new clients that viewership number could reach as high as 30 million exposures by the end of 2002.

Chief Executive Officer Barrett Joyner declined to reveal details of the privately held company’s finances, saying only that it is positioning itself with strong footing in the market when standard e-mail communications advance to include graphically-enhanced features during the next few years. FullSeven expects to become profitable by the end of 2002, Joyner says.

In the company’s statement Joyner says: “Those 30 or so emails that each business professional sends each day can have far greater impact when integrated with their company’s brand, web assets and software applications. Within the next two years, plain-text email will be dead or dying and there will be a new standard for email communications.”

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