Investors have placed nearly $300 million in high-tech firms in the Carolinas and Georgia so far this year. More than 40 deals have been made.

Here is Local Tech Wire’s exclusive list, ranking deals in order by size:

Company; Industry; Amount (Round)

1. Inhibitex, Atlanta; Biotech; $45.4 million (4th)

Investors: Essex Woodlands Health Ventures (co-lead), New Enterprise Associates (co-lead), Alliance Technology Ventures, CDP Sofinov, Pacific Horizon Ventures and William Blair Capital Partners

2. Pathfire, Roswell, Ga.; Software; $27 million (5th)

Investors: AT&T Ventures, Bank of America Capital Investors, CNN News Group, Halpern Denny & Co., Institutional Venture Partners, Kinetic Ventures, Monarch Capital Partners, Noro-Moseley Partners, Quadrangle Group, Reuters Greenhouse Fund, Riggs Capital Partners and US Venture Partners.

3. Wave 7 Optics, Alpharetta, Ga.;Telecom; $23 million (2nd)

Investors: ATV Capital (lead), Armada Ventures, Lucent Venture Partners, Mellon Ventures and Morganthaler Ventures

4. Servigistics, Atlanta; Software; $18 million (3rd)

Investors: Bain Capital Ventures (lead), Cordova Intellimedia Ventures, Encubate Technology Ventures, Robinson-Humphrey Netlanta Fund, SSM Ventures, Symphony Technology Group and UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund

5. Greenway Medical Technologies, Carrollton, Ga.; Software; $15 million (3rd)

Investors: Individuals

6. Norak Biosciences, Research Triangle Park; Biotech; $13 million (2nd)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners (lead), Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Aurora Funds, Intersouth Partners, Koch Ventures and Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners

7. N2 Broadband, Duluth, Ga.; IT services; $10 million (2nd)

Investors: Highland Capital Partners (lead) and AOL Time Warner Ventures

8. Peak 10, Charlotte; IT services; $9.2 million (3rd)

Investors: Frontier Capital and Seaport Capital

9. MediaSpan, Durham; Media; $8.5 million (1st)

Investors: Covestco-Seteura, Rustic Canyon Group, Southeast Interactive Technology Funds

9. Fast-Talk Communications, Atlanta; IT services; $8.5 million (2nd)

Investors: Boston Millennia Partners (lead), Atlanta Technology Angels, Cordova Ventures, HIG Ventures and SAIC Venture Capital

11. GenPhar, Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Biotech; $8 million (1st)

Investors: Individuals

12. NetOctave, Morrisville, N.C.; IT services; $7.8 million (2nd)

Investors: Intersouth Partners (lead), Intel Communications Fund, Kitty Hawk Capital, MCNC, North Carolina Enterprise Fund and Wakefield Group

13. iOnosphere, Greenville, S.C.; Telecom; $7 million (2nd)

Investors: Pharos Capital (lead) and Trelys Venture Partners

14. Netifice Communications, Atlanta; Telecom; $6.5 million (3rd)

Investors: Boston Millennia Partners, Columbia Capital and HIG Ventures

15. HAHT Commerce, Raleigh; Software; $6 million (2nd)

Investors: Canaan Partners

16. ChannelAdvisor, Morrisville, N.C.; Software; $5.7 million (2nd)

Investors: Genesis Venture Partners (lead), eBay, Southern Capitol Ventures, The Atlantis Group and Tri-State Investment Group

17. Lancope, Alpharetta, Ga.; Software; $5.55 million (1st)

Investors: GMG Capital Partners and H.I.G. Capital

18. EG Technology, Atlanta; Telecom; $5.5 million (1st)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners (lead), Gray Ventures, HIG Ventures and Yamacraw Seed Capital

19. KnowledgeStorm, Alpharetta, Ga.; IT services; $5.25 million (2nd)

Investors: Sterling Venture Partners (lead), Apex Venture Partners, Imlay Investments, Live Oak Equity Partners and Total Technology Ventures

20. Datatrac, Atlanta; Software; $5 million (NA)

Investors: Megunticook Fund

20., Atlanta; Internet; $5 million (4th)

Investors: Healthsouth, UBS Warburg

20. SiteScape, Wilmington, N.C.; IT services; $5 million (2nd)

Investors: Echelon Ventures, SAIC Venture Capital

20. CipherOptics, Raleigh; IT services; $5 million (1st)

Investors: Kodiak Venture Partners

20. eCompanyStore, Atlanta; Internet; $5 million (NA)

Investors: ITC Holdings

25. AppGate, Durham; IT services; $4 million (3rd)

Investors: ABN Amro (co-lead), GE Equity (co-lead), Bure Equity, Industrifinans, Innovationskapital and Pythagoras

25., Atlanta; Internet; $4 million (NA)

Investors: Individuals

27. DarPharma, Chapel Hill; Biotech; $3.2 million (1st)

Investors: Stanley Foundation and individuals

28. Trinity Convergence, Raleigh; Telecom; $3.1 million (1st)

Investors: Core Capital Partners, Intersouth Partners, Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

29. ConstructWare, Alpharetta, Ga.; Software; $3 million (3rd)

Investors: Cordova Ventures, Live Oak Equity Partners and Smith Harbor Ventures

30. LiveWire Logic, Morrisville, N.C.; IT services; $2.8 million (2nd)

Investors: Gray Ventures (lead), A.M. Pappas & Associates, The Atlantis Group, Charlotte Angel Partners, Research Triangle Ventures, Tri-State Investment Group, truePilot and individuals

31. nTouch Research, Raleigh; Pharmaceutical services; $2.6 million (3rd)

Investors: Canaan Partners (co-lead), Intersouth Partners (co-lead), Bioventures and Tri-State Investment Group

32., Atlanta; Internet; $2.5 million (1st)

Investors: Imlay Investments and individuals

33. Relativity Technologies, Cary; Software $2 million (3rd)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners and Wakefield Group

34. Somatocor, Atlanta; Biotech; $1.7 million (seed)

Investors: Alliance Technology Ventures

35. epipeline, Atlanta; Internet; $1.5 million (3rd)

Investors: Crossbow Ventures

36. Gentris, Morrisville, N.C.; Biotech; $1.5 million (1st)

Investors: Exelixis, Research Triangle Ventures and individuals

37. Fortel DTV, Duluth, Ga.; IT services; $1 million (NA)

Investors: Individuals

38. BuildLinks, Raleigh; Software; NA (2nd)

Investors: Knier and Associates

38. Waveguide Solutions, Charlotte; Hardware; NA (2nd)

Investors: Academy Venture Funds, Southeast Interactive Technology Funds

38. ZapMedia, Atlanta; Telecom; NA (2nd)

Investors: Five Paces Ventures

38. MindValve, Charlotte; Software NA (Seed)

Investors: Academy Venture Funds