Sense Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of a car-mounted Doppler radar sensor used to detect potential obstacles, was officially delisted from the NASDAQ Small Cap Market stock exchange as of the opening of trading on April 25.

Company officials did not return telephone inquiries.

Sense Technologies’ stock will continue to be traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol SNSG. In a prepared statement company officials say they are not concerned that the delisting will have a negative impact on Sense Technologies’ day-to-day operations.

Company officials first received a letter from NASDAQ notifying that it was not complying with the rules for being listed on the tech-heavy index. The rules require shares of a company’s stock to trade at no less than $1 for 90 consecutive days, and to have at least 300 shareholders that are not company officials. Sense Technologies did not meet the latter requirement. Shares of SNSG stock closed near $1.90 on April 25.

According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sense Technologies received $1 million in a private equity placement from a group of investors that included members of the firm’s board of directors. As part of the arrangement several company officials received more than 25,000 shares of Sense Technologies stock. Details of the arrangement are not yet available from the SEC archives.

In the weeks following the equity placement, interim president Mark Johnson resigned from the company. His resignation letter simply states: “I, Mark Johnson, hereby tender my resignation to act as Director and President of the Corporation immediately,” according to SEC documents.

In the company’s latest quarterly report, which covers activity through November 2001, Sense Technologies posted a net loss of $287,687, the majority of which was paid in consulting fees and wages, and completed no sales, according to SEC documents.

A note in the document sheds some light on the company’s earnings report. It says that the latest quarterly report is unaudited, but that it is the company’s opinion that the documents include all of the necessary adjustments “for a fair presentation of the results of operations and financial position.”

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