I Entertainment Network (IENT) will release its new World
War II tank game at the E3 show in Los Angeles on May 23.

Titled “K.I.C. A.S.S.”, this new massive multiplayer online simulation game (MMOSG), originally was called “Knights in Combat, Armored Simulation Series.”

The game takes advantage of the new graphics technology developed for the award winning “WarBirds III” flight simulation game. K.I.C. A.S.S. is expected to ship in September for distribution in retail stores for the Christmas season.

“We are very excited about bringing WarBirds III technology to our first non-flying MMOSG product with K.I.C. A.S.S.,” J.W. Stealey, IENT chief executive officer, said in a statement. “This game allows IENT access to a much larger potential player base and is the first in a series of mass-market games that can help IENT reach its growth objectives. We would also like to develop KA for consoles, including the PS 2 and the X-B0X. We are looking for a publisher who will support KA and future products on these platforms.”

The new game also uses Cary-based IENT’s patented latency management
system to minimize the effects of time latency in multiplayer online games. This patent provides players all over the world a consistent Internet gaming experience and allows players from Europe, Asia, and the United States to play together in the same arenas while minimizing Internet latency problems, IENT says.

I Entertainment Network: www.ient.com