Qualitech Solutions, a developer of Internet applications, is playing off a carh’s dashboard concept to help executives better manage their businesses.

“The Executive Dashboard”, announced Monday by Qualitceh, is billed by the company as a tool that allows firms to monitor their performance through charts, graphs and reports that are generated for each division.

The reports are customizable and information appears in the form of gauges meant to imitate those found on an automobile’s dashboard. Executive Dashboard users include Pacific Gas and Electric and Constellation Energy.

Qualitech, formed in 1997 by Bill Stout and Chris Sewell, previously has worked on software projects for Duke Engineering Services and helped Bank of America manage its vault system. The company has another software product called “Time Consultant,” is used by more than 50 companies and 6,000 consultants online.

Qualitech, a privately held firm, offers free trials of its software on the company’s Web site.

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