Fast-Talk Communications, a developer of high-speed audio searching technologies for use within a recorded voice messages, has released “Fast-Talk Telephony,” which can search up to 20 hours of conversations in one second with 98 percent accuracy, according to statement released by the company.

Fast-Talk Telephony allows users to search for key words, phrases and proper names within a message. The application uses phonemes — the smallest unit of speech differentiating one sound from another — to identify and index the search request. That technology was developed more than five years ago by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The product is designed for use by call centers that regularly mine archives for references about competing products or audit calls, and business that record regular staff meetings, to name a few examples. Fast-Talk sister companies Advances Legal Technologies and Court Reporting Consultants already have introduced Fast-Talk Telephony into software that allows attorneys and court reporters to search transcripts for audio content.

Officials from Fast-Talk Communications, which also has offices in Washington D.C. and New York City, did not immediately return phone calls, to discuss the retail price of the product.

A free demo version is available on the company’s Web site.

Fast-Talk Communications Web site: