Editor’s note: Local Tech Wire features a profile each business day of a venture capital or investment firm doing business in the I-85 corridor. Matthew Burns, Worth Civils and Daniel Pearson compiled the series. A long-time player in the Atlanta market, Equity-South Advisors has maintained a low profile in recent years – so low it still doesn’t have a working website to tout its achievements and strategy to investors, entrepreneurs and the general public.

Equity-South acquires and makes equity investments in operating businesses with attractive growth prospects, especially later-stage companies in the software, services, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

It has $41.5 million under management, and the size of its typical investment is between $1 million and $5 million.

The firm’s portfolio includes online staffing venture VCG, customer and employee loyalty program manager MMS Incentives and credit card processing software company PaySys International, which was sold a year ago to First Data.

Here’s the skinny:

Featured Firm: Equity-South Advisors LLC

Mailing address: 3399 Peachtree Road, N.E., Suite 1790 Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone number: (404) 237-6222

Web site: under construction

Management Team:

John Williams
Douglas Diamond
R. Elliot Miller
H. Ross Arnold
Stephen Grubb
Michael Dunn

Focus of firm: Software, services, manufacturing and distribution

Money under management: $41.5 million

Sample portfolio companies:

MMS Incentives, Inc.
VCG, Inc.
PaySys International, Inc.
CarStar, Inc.

In what size range: $1 million to $5 million

Sweet Spot (types of deals, stage of the company): Companies that are in late-stage expansion, buyout or acquisition mode.

Most important attributes for companies seeking funding: Must be a proven leader in a market that demonstrates attractive growth prospects.

What differentiates you: Firm is a long time player in the Atlanta venture capital market and has an established network of partners.

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