Editor’s note: Local Tech Wire’s daily venture/investment profile today features at Atlanta firm that handles virtually every aspect of deal making. Matthew Burns, Worth Civils and Daniel Pearson compiled the series. Covering both ends of the spectrum, EGL Holdings has a venture capital arm and an operation that provides corporate financial advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions representation and strategic consulting.

Veteran British investor David Ellis founded the firm in 1988.

EGL has had three venture funds, typically investing $1 million to $3 million in later-stage information technology, telecommunications and health care companies in the Southeast. Investors in its latest fund include CalPERS, Royal & Sunalliance and Mercury Private Equity, and the portfolio includes AtWork Technologies, iFleet, Impressa and Telscape.

EGL also works with more mature companies to provide advice on potential mergers, acquisitions or sales, debt and equity fund raising and other financial consulting. The firm taps into an extensive international network of business contacts to assist in liquidity moves and uses the close relationships it has developed with lenders, private equity firms and non-traditional financing sources like angel investor groups when helping clients search for capital.

Here’s the skinny:

Featured Firm: EGL Holdings, Inc.

Mailing address: 3495 Piedmont Road, Suite 412 Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone number: (404) 949-8300

Web site: http://www.eglholdings.com

Management Team:

David Ellis
Salvatore Massaro
Richard Lawry
Edmond Fisher III
Arnold Shumacher
Bryan Jones

Focus of firm: Information technology, telecommunications and health care.

Money under management: $24 million

Sample portfolio companies:

iFleet, Inc.
Total Sports, Inc.
Telescape International, Inc.
Renaissance Interactive Holdings Corp.
AtWork Technologies, Inc.

In what size range: $1 million to $3 million

Sweet Spot (types of deals, stage of the company):Late-stage growth companies located in the Southeast.

Most important attributes for companies seeking funding: Must have a highly qualified, motivated and committed management team, business with a high barriers to entry, and an exit strategy via merger, acquisition or initial public offering, typically with a five year period.

What differentiates you: Company has been investing private equity capital since 1988, and through its international network, portfolio companies are able to access buyers and sellers in the global market.

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