Clinical trials services provider nTouch Research says it has reached a collaborative agreement with Midwest Physician Group, a
multi-specialty healthcare group based near and serving the southern Chicago suburbs.

Under the new agreement, nTouch will manage all clinical research activities for Midwest Physician Group (MPG). The relationship, the companies say, is expected to expand the research role of MPG and increase the value of clinical research to its physicians and patients, as well as expand the clinical research depth of nTouch by providing access to MPG’s prominent facilities, experienced physician investigators, and associated patient populations.

MPG has 11 locations in the greater Chicago area, including a surgery and psychiatric care center. MPG physicians have research experience in many specialty areas including, but not limited to cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, internal medicine, as well as family practice medicine. MPG has a patient population of 375,000 comprised of a wide variety of ages, ethnicities, and medical histories.

“We view this relationship with nTouch as a significant step in further advancing the level of patient care at our facilities,” MPG Medical Director Gary Plundo said in a statement. “We are providing our patients with access to a broader range of innovative treatments and our physicians with opportunities for continuing professional growth. We believe the citizens and the community will experience positive effects from our collaborative efforts.”

nTouch Research President Lee Palles said in a press release:
“The capabilities, expertise and facilities of MPG combined with the clinical trials experience and acumen of nTouch Research will provide the platform for developing a thriving and nationally recognized research facility in the Chicago area.”

The new research center, which will be nTouch’s 16th, will be headed by Kathleen Smith, who recently relocated from nTouch’s Huntsville, AL Research Center.

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