CARY, N.C. … CDV Software Entertainment, a leading German publisher and distributor of gaming software, has unveiled the list of titles it plans to showcase at the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), held May 22-24 in Los Angeles. The roster includes real-time strategies, fantasy and cyberpunk role-playing games, a 3D action adventure and a white-knuckle shooter.
“Our 2002-2003 pipeline is stocked with an incredible list of titles,” Robert
Pickens, chief executive officer of CDV USA and former president of iEntertainment Networks, says in a statement. “Since the release of ‘Cossacks,’ (one of the companies initial titles) we have continuously diversified our product roster to appeal to a wider audience. We look forward to impressing attendees with the depth and range of our new lineup.”
CDV Software’s E3 lineup of PC-based games includes World War II game Sudden Strike 2, fantasy game Divine Divinity, futuristic drama Neocron, Waterworld-type game Project Nomads, 3D action shooter Breed and real-time science-fiction strategy game Imperium Galactica III: Genesis.