RALEIGH … Red Hat, which sells and supports customized versions of the Linux open source operating system, has named Chief Executive Officer Matthew Szulik as its new chairman, replacing company founder Bob Young.
The company also has added North Carolina State University Chancellor Marye Anne Fox to its board of directors.
“Matthew is doing a tremendous job building Red Hat into a financially disciplined,
profitable, competitive global corporation,” Young says in a statement. “Matthew’s enhanced leadership position as CEO and Chairman will enable Red Hat to improve its customer service and product offerings even faster and increase the speed of Linux adoption in the enterprise.”
Szulik joined Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT) in November 1998 as president and was promoted to CEO a year later. Young will continue to serve on the company’s board.
Fox is a widely acclaimed chemist who serves on the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Science and Engineering Public Policy. She also serves on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, which advises President George W. Bush and his administration on issues relating to technology, scientific research priorities, and math and science education.
Red Hat recently moved its headquarters to N.C. State’s Centennial Campus, a development that tries to blend academia and corporate life.
“We are fortunate that Dr. Fox is bringing to Red Hat her extensive experience and insights into the ways in which computing can improve our nation’s educational system,” Szulik says in a statement. “One of the core missions of Red Hat is to encourage the use of open source software as a highly cost-effective means of bringing the benefits of a better
education to all people in our society. Dr. Fox has long been a leader in this effort and
her insights will enable Red Hat to treat education as a social responsibility rather than a
For more information about Red Hat, visit www.redhat.com.